Private Detective

In today's 'fake news' world, it is increasingly difficult to take people or information at face value; to trust what you are told or any information you are shown. In the general run of life, much of this, though frustrating, doesn't have any real consequences. But what about those times when it really matters?

How Can a Private Detective Help You?

A skilled private investigator goes below the surface, beyond face value, and delves deeply into the truth of any situation. There are many circumstances where this is of vital importance, including...

  • Staff recruitment or business possibilities where confidential and extensive background checks may be essential
  • Personal or business situations where fraud might have occurred
  • Where you, or a family member, are facing criminal or major felony charges
  • Delving into the complexities of a situation where you are a civil plaintiff
  • Trying to trace a missing person in either personal or professional circumstances
  • You require an individual to be placed under unobtrusive private surveillance
  • You wish an investigation into potential employee theft
  • Investigating the complexities of a child custody situation

These are examples of some of the many ways in which a private investigator can prove to be invaluable, whether for financial, personal, business or other reasons.

Choosing Your Private Investigation Service

You'll want to know that your private detective is thoroughly experienced. Here at Advanced Investigative Services, we have over two decades of such experience. This allows us to handle each case in the unique way it requires, matching our experience and know-how with proven private investigative skills.

We operate in adherence to the Code of Ethics of the Arizona Association of Licensed Private Investigators (AALPI) of which we are a full member. As should all Arizona private detectives, we also adhere to all Arizonan statutes, laws and regulations.

Contact us now for a free confidential consultation to discuss your needs and options!

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