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Free Initial Consultation


What Are Your Payment Options?

We accept cash, check and most major credit cards.

How Much Do You Charge?

Every case is different and every situation is unique. We are a boutique agency that does not believe in a one size fits all approach. We provide a FREE initial consultation in order to understand your specific situation. After the consultation we will have a better understanding of the problem, what is needed and what your expectations are. This enables us to provide you with a more accurate assessment of what the cost will be. Call today to schedule an appointment.

How Long Will A Private Investigation Take?

Again, every situation is different but you can be assured that we will complete your investigation in a prompt, timely manner. We specialize in helping you when you need it the most.

Can You Do That Thing I Saw On TV?

Probably not. However, we will do everything in our power to get you the information you need and we will do it in a legal and ethical way.

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